Matt DeKryger

Matt is from Fremont, MI and embraces being a country boy. Matt spent his childhood days helping on his family’s farm, and the nights would always be capped off with some soccer in the backyard with his father. Growing up, soccer was an instrumental part of his life, and as Matt’s father is a big advocate of the game it comes as no surprise that Matt embraced soccer at an early age.Matt played college soccer for four years at Calvin where he was a left-winger. Before his college days, he played for Fremont Soccer Club and later, Western Michigan Christian HS. Highlights from Matt’s soccer career thus far include winning the State Championship in high school and finishing runners-up at the 2011 NCAA DIII National Championship.Despite Matt’s success in high school, the game has not always been a walk in the park for him. In fact, Matt did not even fully commit to the great game of soccer until his seventh grade season. As he remembers it, Matt’s parents, especially his mother, were the ones that pushed him to take the game more seriously, recalling, “My mom told me one day that I was really getting lazy on the field, and if I didn’t start running and moving that they weren’t going to pay for me to play anymore.” Even the best athletes are not perfect, and at times we all need a little tough love, and for Matt it was this moment in seventh grade where he took the step to ultimately make it to where he is now with the Muskegon Risers.Matt’s future plans are not tied just to soccer, rather they focus on completing his degree in secondary education as a Social Studies major a year from May. Matt’s hardworking demeanor and humble attitude would certainly make an ideal candidate to become a teacher in the future.